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Workshop hosted by Head Chef John Newsom

Eat my words

by Snobby Munchie

~>  Meat: workshop hosted by Head Chef John Newsom

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a beef/steak workshop hosted by Head Chef John Newsom. It was truly a fascinating experience to learn about different cut, tips on how to cook it, and their pricing (get your money worth) I’m a huge fan for steak and I always eat steak, especially when I’m surrounded by meat lovers.

However, I hardly cook it, let alone to cut/trim it from a raw piece. The closest I’ve got is watching it on YouTube. In this workshop, I saw a lot of different pieces of meat, how to distinguish their differences, which part is the most tender, and which part should be cooked medium rare and not medium well. We even got the chance to cut up a chateaubriand and mix our own steak tartare.

Steak with cheese and truffle

Steak Fillet

A big piece of rump steak

How to customise your own steak tartare

After having a crash course on the steak, I began to appreciate their choices of meat. Chef John explained to us their choices of meat, and showed us pricy doesn’t equal to tasty! Hanger steak with chimichurros sauce – the hanger steak was one of my favourite and it’s not the most expensive on the menu.


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Hong Kong born, Snobby Munchie is a food traveler. Finest taste in Chinese and Japanese food, She has a specific eyes on details and flavour.

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