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The Old Man founders Agung Prabowo, James Tamang and Roman Ghale open up a brand new chapter of The Old Man and the Sea


Following a triumphant year of recognitions and awards for Soho cocktail bar The Old Man (#10 on World’s 50 Best Bars, #5 on Asia’s 50 Best Bars and winner of DMBA 2018’s Asia Bar and Bartender of the Year Awards), founders Agung Prabowo, James Tamang and Roman Ghale have unveiled their second venture, THE SEA.

A spin-off concept of sister venue The Old Man, The Sea by The Old Man continues to build on the theme of iconic writer Ernest Hemingway’s 1952 hit novel. Nestled within the quiet enclave of Sheung Wan’s Po Yan Street, The Sea by The Old Man is a relaxed neighbourhood bar serving up world-class cocktails fashioned after Ernest Hemingway’s extraordinary mind. Here, the cocktails highlight the most innovative methods in modern mixology, including culinary techniques such as fermentation, sous-vide cooking and rotary evaporation. Despite the complex techniques behind the creation of each drink, the cocktails are presented in a humble and unadorned style.

Signature “Minerality-Style” Cocktails at The Sea

The Sea’s ten signature cocktails focus on simple, mineral flavours derived from natural elements such as rock, sea, peat and soil. Health-conscious guests will be pleased to know that the lightly alcoholic cocktails contain no sugar, and are transparent in their nutritional value, antioxidant level and caloric density. Each cocktail is priced at HK$90+10%, and is identified by number rather than by name. COCKTAIL #1 captures the soul of The Sea, created with seaweed gin and lacto-fermented pineapple rind soda – a favourite of Head Bartender Agung Prabowo. COCKTAIL #2 is a heady blend of homemade honeyed dashi vodka and rectified mango sticky rice, a liquor created from the Thai dessert. COCKTAIL #4 is made with kiwi rye whisky and sour sherry solution, and COCKTAIL #5 is an intriguing balance of peanut milk rum, pineapple kombucha and banana wine.

COCKTAIL 5 peanut milk rum pineapple kombucha banana wine

COCKTAIL 3 peanut butter bourbon sour green banana purple yam

Introducing The Sea’s Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

For guests wishing to abstain for the night, The Sea has curated three non-alcoholic cocktails, “Alcohol You Later”. Summer in Bimini, named after Hemingway’s frequent escapades to the lush tropical islands in the Bahamas on Pilar, is a fresh carbonated concoction of clarified pink grapefruit and salted Seedlip Garden 108. African Safari is an antioxidant-loaded mix of rosemary, Seedlip Spice, homemade turmeric-tamarind cordial and citrus. Last but not least, Cucumber Lemon Shrub is mixed with salted Seedlip Garden 108, cucumber lemon shrub and lemonade. Each non-alcoholic drink is priced at HK$85+10%.

The Sea

2 Po Yan Street

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong
Tel 852  2307 0030

COCKTAIL 1 algae gin lacto fermented pineapple bones soda

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