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Rediscover Te quiero mucho

~> Rediscover Te Quiero Mucho

The Mexican Food craving fever has spread all over Hong Kong this day that  we could not resiste to talk about our lovely Te Quiero Mucho.

Te Quiero Mucho, Mojo Nomad Central’s highly anticipated Mexican eatery, throws open its doors mid august last year on Hong Kong’s iconic Queen’s Road Central.

A buzzing two-storey eatery that will serve up mouth-wateringly good Mexican cuisine, TQM is set to become a must-visit for dynamic travellers and city-dwellers alike. Helmed by Guadalajara-native Chef Jose Alfonso Rodriguez, the TQM kitchen will serve well-sourced, modern Mexican fare that combines innovation and authenticity.

Boldly spiced small plates like Classic guacamole with a charred onion powder (HK$78), served with crunchy homemade tortilla chips, and expertly plated Tuna al pastor upside-down tostadas with guava jalapeno chili sauce and roasted pineapple relish (HK$65) make for an elevated culinary experience without the fuss of a fine-dining meal. Diners can mix and match lighter dishes with heartier picks like Barbecued chicken with carrot and banana puree (HK$228) from the ‘Mucho’ Grande section, and mouth-watering ‘Te Quiero’ tacos, including the Green taco with peppers, corn, bean purée and fried kale (HK$35) and the Trump Taco (HK$40), featuring ‘a lot of beef tongue and a wall of crispy chicharron’— perfect for a shared feast with friends.

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286 Queen’s Road Central


Phone: +852 3423 3290

TQM’s impressive selection of 36 artisanal tequilas and mezcal ensures there’s always a party at this cantina! Boutique pours like the celebrated El Luchador, an organic distil-proof tequila blanco, and Ocho, an age-distinguished liquor made with family-grown agave, make for a sophisticated sipping drink, or stand up as the perfect partner for a platter of Rodriguez’s colourful tacos.

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