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~> Poetic Kaiseki Experience

Poetic Seasonal Kaiseki Experience within the Bamboo Grove

Apart from its highly-regarded Sushi Omakase, Ta-ke injects into its menu equally impressive items from teppanyaki, tempura and kaiseki, offering its guests a completely comprehensive Japanese dining experience. The kaiseki menu is created jointly by their three head chefs, allowing guests the rare opportunity to enjoy the best of the best in one go.


Kaiseki, literally meaning ‘stone hugging’, describes the old tradition in Japan when monks place warm stones within their bellies during meditation to withstand the severe cold and hunger. At first kaiseki-ryori, indicating a multi-course dinner, was served before tea gatherings (chakai) in a very simple manner. The plain and warm food gave the sense of placing warm stones on the belly, hence the origin of the name.

Without a definite sequence and content requirement, kaiseki’s most important concept lies within its delicacy, as each course demonstrates simplicity, elegance, as well as its relationship with the natural world. The entire experience resonates like a poem, with each course echoing the dish served previously in a perfectly timed manner.

Lee Garden Two

28 Yun Ping Road

Causeway Bay

Tel:   2577 0611

Brand-new Design Kaiseki Course

The latest Matsu menu ($980) is an eight-course kaiseki menu, serving three types of seasonal appetizer, sakura shrimp salad, grilled Japanese wagyu beef, 5 types of tempura, 6 types of sushi, pickled dish, warm noodles and dessert. Seasonal vegetables from Japan are used in this menu, whereas all seafood are hand-picked by their specialist at the Tokyo Tsukiji fish market daily and delivered to Hong Kong immediately within the same day to ensure its freshness. 

*Kaiseki menu only available during dinner period


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