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Ta-Ke, Beauty of Tempura

~> TA-KE the Beauty of Tempura

Carefully designed by Japanese Head Chef Hara Eisaku, the seasonal tempura omakase is a combination of both tradition and innovation. Through Chef Eisaku’s crafty hands, each dish is thoughtfully created and demonstrated in a unique way so that the essences of tempura – fresh, crisp and umami, are delivered directly to the palate of our guests.

With over twenty years of experience as a chef, Ta-ke Japanese Head Chef Hara Eisaku is especially attached to tempura. Previously worked at two Michelin-starred tempura restaurant Tentenpura Uchitsu in Tokyo, Chef Eisaku says that ‘the best flavours of each piece of tempura only lasts for around 30 seconds. Only if it is eaten immediately after it leaves the frying bowl can one enjoy the essence’.

A good piece of tempura is driven by two factors – the freshness of its ingredients and the crispiness of its coating. After going through the process of deep-frying, the tempura should obtain an aromatic coating that is not excessively oily. The coating should never overpower the freshness of the ingredient; rather it shall elevate the umami flavours.

Hokkaido Snow Crab Leg Tempura

Deep-fried Hokkaido snow crab leg is grilled with binchotan for three minutes for that extra touch of smokiness on top of the sweet umami flavors of the crab leg.

Oyster Tempura

Whole oyster from Chiba is deep-fried directly in hot oil. The oyster shell prevents the delicate meat from overheating, retaining the freshness within.

Charcoal-grilled Hokkaido Snow Crab Leg Tempura and Zucchini Flower Tempura with Corn Soup Hot Pot are only two of his many original tempura creations.

Ta-ke serves two types of tempura omakase, including Ta-ke ($980) and Matsu ($780), both only available at night. Available during lunch is a Tempura Lunch Set ($480).



Lee Garden Two

28 Yun Ping Road

Causeway Bay

Tel: 2577 0611

Scallop Tempura

Scallop is first cut in half, deep-fried and then seasoned with a special sauce made with soy sauce, mirin, ginger etc.

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