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Sushi Nakamoto

~> Sushi Nakamoto

Sushi Nakamoto, exclusive Omokase in Central

Hong Kong people love Japanese sushi, but enjoying your meal at Sushi Nakamoto is definitely something exceptional than your normal experiences in other Hong Kong’s Japanese restaurants.

They refuses to create gimmicks, but rather persists with traditional methods for making great sushi.

Moreover, all quality ingredients are ordered directly from Japan’s Tsukiji and Ota Fish Market, creating tastes of wonder that linger between your lips.

Besides, Sushi Nakamoto only provides Omakase (chef selection) menu, you could therefore taste the sushi at their freshest moments.

With only 15 seats and the quiet, relax environment, this is a high-class sushi restaurant that food lovers could not missed.

Thyrse House
Nos.16 Pottinger Street
Hong Kong
Tel 2618 0070

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