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Hunter & Chase Insider Foodie Review

Eat my words

by Snobby Munchie

~>  Hunter and the chase, new concept by Shore

Hunter and the Chase  is set in two floors at L Place, newly renovated to be a chic yet sophisticated restaurant with a large al fesco terrace for drinks.

The first floor, the Chase, has imported a big selection of artisanal cheese from the States, ranging from cow’s milk to goat’s milk, soft to hard, made with pasteurized or non-pasteurized milk, a very considerate gesture for the preggies. Each cheese is carefully chosen by the cheese connoisseur, and paired with their homemade jam and honeycomb. The cheese platter is nicely decorated with colourful condiments, such as fruit loops, which goes surprisingly well with cheese. Their cheese connoisseur / sommelier will also pair your choice of cheese with their innovative cocktails or wine.

4th floor, the Hunter, is the formal dining restaurant area. The menu selection was very interesting, it consists a lot of game meat, which is quite rare in HK.

~> The starter…

For starter, we had Geoduck with yuzu and lime zest
Potted rabbit confit with duck fat and homemade pickles (my favourite dish of the night)
 The bison tartare mixed with homemade pickles and roast potatoes
Roasted beet salad

~> The main courses…

Soft and tender Spanish octopus with their homemade pickles
Carbs lover chitarra with sea urchin and bottarga
a whole grilled sea bass
Meat lover’s choice of bison short ribs with forest mushrooms and pickles
Half rotisserie chicken which they even show you the whole chicken feet with the nails

~> The dessert…

The dessert menu looks amazing, I want to try all of them! Too bad I was way too stuffed by the delicious and scrumptious starters and mains, we could only fit 2 desserts into our tummy. The traditional American style cheddar crust apple pie with whisky caramel and vanilla ice cream and chocolate dome with banana bread and caramel

The sizes of the dishes are sharing portion, especially when the food is on the heavy side, it’s good to be able to try different dishes rather than be a loner and finish one by yourself.

They also do a chef’s selection set dinner called Feeding Frenzy for $488, which is a steal.

3/F and 4/F

The L Place

139 Queen’s Road Central


Tel 2915 1638

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