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Sara, discover Japanese Saga Cuisine

An other stop in our Japaneses Journey…

~> Sara, discover Saga Cuisine

“SARA” is a unique Japanese restaurant serving traditional Saga cuisine in a traditional Saga unique Arita-yaki design interior. Dine out with the atmosphere of the new and ancient, thanks to special interior design featuring the local “Arita Porcelain”. Sara serve a variety of dishes to satisfy your five senses, and bring its guest in a journey to southern Japan.
Sandwiched between Fukuoka and Nagasaki, Saga is home to a flourishing oyster farming industry and Wagyu beef esteemed as one of the best brands in Japan.


Saga Beef sirloin cutlets

Using mainly Saga ingredients first landed in Hong Kong. Sara mainly serve in traditional grilled dishes specialties of Saga.

Oyster from Saga

~> premium ingredient

Most of the ingredients are also sourced directly from Saga, in western Kyushu, including chicken from the village of Mitsuse, Kinboshi Saga pork, Ariake seaweed, Otofuse oysters and, naturally, the world-renowned Saga beef.

Sara Special Whole ‘Yobuko’ Squid Sashimi

Squid from saga are famous in Japan for its delicate sweetness.

Sara Mitsuse Chicken Skever

Sara menu include saga beef, highly prized in Japan for its premium marbling,  due to the mild climate and the quality of air and water.

~>Saga Sake

Sara offer a large selection of Sake from Saga, made from an original craftsmanship and  produced from rice raised by natural water of the mountain surrounding Saga prefecture.


12/F, OLIV

15-21 Sharp Street East

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong
​Tel  +852 3620 3491


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