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Salt and Barrel

~> Rediscover Kebab

Salt and Barrel is inspired by the history of the subcontinental dish, Chef Taran sets out to re-introduce kebabs fit for royalty of yesteryears through his unique blend of spices and modern adaptation of age-old cooking techniques, offering his guests a glimpse into an intriguing and fascinating culinary era.

“I always thought kebabs were not appreciated enough. There are very limited places to enjoy a good kebab in Hong Kong and that is why I wanted to expand upon it. The history of the kebab is quite profound. What fascinates me as well is the wide array of kebabs there are. To me, what is important is that the kebabs should be marinated in a healthy way using only high-quality meats, fresh seafood and seasonal vegetables, and by using traditional and modern equipment to grill them with.” – Chef and Co-Founder, Taran Chadha.

Bringing an old world regal charm to the table, Salt & Barrel will be unlike anything else in Hong Kong, while at the same time keeping the relaxed and familial atmosphere that we all love about BlackSalt. Salt & Barrel will be an ode to the history of the kebab, with each dish bringing a unique sense of flavours to your taste buds.

In keeping with Chef Taran’s fascination with the kebab, the origin of each dish’s rich history will be explained on our brand-new menu, which will also include signature favourites from BlackSalt. The bar area at Salt & Barrel will offer 15 taps focusing on serving exceptional draft options. In addition, there will be a wide range of craft spirits, wines and other beverages. Chef Taran will draw inspiration from the tap offerings in designing dishes. The focus is to offer fresh beer and craft cocktail options that will complement the menu, but as importantly, be delicious to drink on their own.

Kebab Artistry by Chef Taran Chadha

ground floor of One South Lane

1 South Lane,

Shek Tong Tsui, Hong Kong



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