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Romantic Stories

~>  Love by Chef Vicky Lau

This Valentine

This Valentine’s Day, 1-Michelin-starred Relais & Châteaux member TATE Dining Room & Bar presents a unique culinary interpretation of LOVE by Chef Vicky Lau. Sure to bring out the romantic in all of us, each course of the French x Chinese menu is an ode to an exquisite seasonal creation. Coupling premium Chinese ingredients with intricate French cooking and plating techniques, TATE Dining Room offers guests an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a feminine touch this Valentine’s Day.

The story begins with an Ode to Pâté En Croute, a classic French meat pastry recreated with the distinctly Chinese flavours of pork, veal and scallion ginger and venerated cherry tomato.

Other noted courses to look forward to include the Ode to Oyster with warm egg espuma, Oscietre Prestige caviar, fermented cabbage and fresh herbs, as well as the Ode to Kumquat, a warm sea scallop dish with aged kumquat Grenobloise-style sauce.

After a whirlwind love affair, the menu concludes with an Ode to Red Fruit, an aesthetic dessert of crispy yogurt meringue with raspberry sorbet and osmanthus white chocolate mousse.

Guests will then be escorted to Poem Patisserie (located directly downstairs) for a special sweet treat to conclude the final chapter of their romantic edible story at TATE Dining Room.

210 Hollywood Road

Sheung Wan

Hong Kong

Tel (852) 2555 2172



Established in 2012, TATE Dining Room and Bar is a fine dining restaurant serving an eclectic mix of French and Chinese cuisine presented in what they call, Edible Stories – an exploration into culinary expressionism.

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