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Redhouse just open in IFC

~>  Redhouse, the Modern Chinese Sister of SHE now open in IFC

Redhouse, the sister restaurant of Lane Crawford’s newly opened SHÈ in Lane Crawford IFC, has opened its doors in the heart of Lan Kwai Fong. With a concept rooted upon authenticity rather than traditionalism, Redhouse serves up an extensive menu of contemporary dishes that retain the essence of conventional Chinese cuisine. Now open on the 23rd floor of California Tower in Hong Kong’s bustling nightlife district, Redhouse blazes the trail for an intimate yet modernised Chinese dining experience.

Signature Fish Maw Nourishing Pot side

RedHouse – The Restaurant Concept

Inspired by the symbolism of the colour RED in Chinese culture, Redhouse embodies joy, vitality and prosperity. Set against the iconic views of the city, Redhouse aims to simulate the energy of Hong Kong’s alluring nightlife whilst providing an equally relaxing and intimate dining experience. Its strong Chinese identity is expressed through delectable dishes that preserve age-old culinary techniques, as well as the use of beloved local delicacies.

Whole Lobster Ma Po Tofu top

Using premium ingredients sourced from carefully chosen suppliers, Redhouse’s team of highly skilled chefs have designed a menu that features over 200 modern Chinese dishes.

Spanning categories from Redhouse’s signature Roast Meats and Premium Seafood to Vegetarian Bites and Dim Sum, guests are encouraged to embrace the customary approach of sharing dishes that is deeply rooted in Chinese culture

Redhouse, the sister restaurant of Gaia Group’s newly opened SHÈ in Lane Crawford ifc mall. With an extensive menu that ranges from Redhouse Signature Roast Meats and Premium Seafood Dishes to Vegetarian Bites and Dim Sum, embrace the customary approach of sharing dishes.

Rose Gold Har Gao side

Pan fried Lime Chicken side

Braised Crab Meat with Egg White and Bamboo Fungus side

Redhouse – signature Roast Favourites

Redhouse takes particular pride in its signature Roast Favourites, a selection of premium meats handpicked for quality and cooked to succulent perfection. Available for both lunch and dinner on the a la carte menu, the roast menu includes the Redhouse Signature Peking Duck (HK$298 for regular, HK$498 for whole, HK$598 for two-flavour), which is prepared using whole premium duck that is sliced table-side. The crispy duck skin can be enjoyed with Redhouse’s signature thin flour wrap along with six different side dishes such as cucumbers, carrots, ginger, scallions, sugar and a special homemade sauce. Redhouse’s Crispy Roasted Suckling Pig (HK$688) is prepared with a 4-lbs piglet that is roasted to perfection with precise timing, and enhanced with a special homemade sauce.

Premium Kurobuta Char Siew side


23/F, California Tower

32 D’aguilar Street


Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2344 2366

All-natural Signature Fish Maw Nourishing Pot (HK$888) is double-boiled for 12 hours in a premium mix of Chinese herbs in a supreme broth, extracting maximum flavours while preserving the nutritional value of each ingredient. Fish Maw is a precious traditional Chinese ingredient due to its high collagen content, effective in preserving skincare complexion and invigorating blood circulation.

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