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~> Journey between Mountain and Sea

NOBU continues its 2018 GOURMET JOURNEY OF JAPAN from September 4 – 30 with Episode 6 featuring “Kanpai in Niigata” on Honshu Island.

Due to its great climate conditions, the Niigata Prefecture which is nestled between the sea and the mountains is commonly referred to as the land of rice and sake

NOBU InterContinental Hong Kong continues its 2018 GOURMET JOURNEY OF JAPAN (2-4-8) showcasing special products each season from 2 prefectures on one of the Japan’s 4 main islands (Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu and Hokkaido), with 8 unique culinary episodes during the year.

Kanpai in Niigata” (September 4 – 30) showcases Omakase Lunch and Dinner Menus that showcase Niigata’s finest seasonal products including Hokusetsu Sake, Koshihikari Rice, Akamutsu (Rosy Seabass), Ama Ebi (Sweet Shrimp), Suruten (Surume Squid Tempura) and Madai (Red Seabream), with dishes inspired by local Niigata cooking techniques.

The 6-course Niigata Lunch Omakase Menu (HK$668 + 10% service per person)

The 8-course Niiagata Dinner Omakase Menu (HK$1,488 + 10% service per person, inclusive of a mocktail).

Try their Premium Sake Pairing:

Full Package: HK$500 Alternatively, choose any 3 out of 4: HK$400


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