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New contemporary Sichuan restaurant 1935 – Review

Eat my words

by YK

~>  New contemporary Sichuan restaurant 1935

We have done the tasting of the restaurant 1935 on Saturday lunch. The story of the place, is astonished. “The name ‘1935’ draws from the birthdate of the founder’s grandmother, who was born in Si Chuan and was a renowned master chef in the area. Because of civil war in China , she moved to Hong Kong and begin to immerse herself in the realm of Cantonese cuisine. The founder aims at reiterating Grandma’s special recipes and to share her delicious recipes to the world. “

The decor is just perfectly relaxing,  jazz in the air, a feeling between orient express train and old Shanghai. Dining with an open view to HONG KONG park, it’s definitely a favorite.
The seating is spacious, a round table to enjoy the company of every guest.
They have a large selection of high end cocktail to go with the food journey. We definitively could not resist to try them.

“the two header Spear” cocktail, Mootail, Irish whisky, Absinthe a twist of ginger and the freshness of lemon on ice. They served it with a fresh rosemary that they burn in front of you to bring a delicate smoky flavour to the cocktail


The “Carnation says” cocktail , gin based with Umeshu, Yuzu, Sake, Lime and Ginger Beer, served with a delicate cherry blossom on a ice cube, I can’t be wrong if I said it will be a girl favorite.


“Alcea Rosea” , hua diao wine , rum, st Germain , cranberry, and rose flower water. Probably my favorite a perfect pairing with spicy food journey. Complex flavor , delicately sweat. The rose flavor is a perfect pairing with spice


~> The Starter

The starter was one of their signature dish, a delicate tender chicken with truffle and coriander followed by a crispy Bronzino fish with SHANGHAI style .

Grilled Free range chicken with Truffle – $125

Followed with a pan fried delicate Japanese scallops with Sichuan peppercorn spring onion with a bed of crispy potatoes. Incredibly tender scallop with a twist of delicate spicy taste late in the mouth to highlight the dish.

Served with crispy egged on the top. Traditionally sweaty the sweetness is soft and doesn’t cover the flavour of the fish

Bronzino Shanghai Fish – $105

Stir fried pork with aged vinegar. May be my favorite , the beef is tender and delicately marinated. The crispness is present but doesn’t cover the beef tenderness. Extraordinary Well-balance sweat and sour dish.

~> The main courses…

Poached home Wonton, Sichuan Chili and garlic spice. Delicately wrapped with a little of spicyness, just enough to enjoy every flavour of the dumpling
Wok-fried Crispy king prawn with dry sishuan Chili. The plate arrive cover with roasted chilly pepper but unexpectedly spicy as the perfect level for a non Sichuan citizens.
The Poached beef with tenderloin Sichuan chili broth, probably the spiciest dish we had that day, but perfect for noodle and spicy broth lover. Noodle are very soft and come from Sichuan province. They have their own traditional technique to cook and prepare the meat.
Sichuan Dan dan noodles, very simple dish but well executed, with a delicate peanuts sauce served in a charming clay pot.
Wok fried sting beans diced beef tenderloin and Chili.

~> The dessert…

The dessert menu is an extensive selection Sichuan traditional dessert. The glutinous cake with black sugar, is served deep fried with sauce an the size. Definitively a must have for dessert lover. Easy to share, every bite is a mix if crispness and sweetness.

Sichuan Ice jelly and fresh fruit, is a delicate light not too sweet ending of the journey in Sichuan
An hidden gems in Central , a great discovery with a smooth and delicate service. Perfect execution of every dishes, well balanced flavor and dish presentation in a great interior design. We definitively recommends this place.


M88 – Wellington Place

2-8 Wellington Street


Tel 2156 1935

About YK

Hong Kong born, YK is a food traveler. Mixed culture between East and West taste, he has tried the finest restaurant over Europ and Asia.

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