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Madame Ching

~> Madame Ching, a celebration of nostalgia

Named after the formidable female pirate who took the China seas by storm, Madame Ching is a modern roast house with recipes that tell a story of Chinese provenance in reimagined ways. Never straying far from the heart of local flavours, the new take on nostalgic dishes will leave you craving more

Inspired by a new generation of Hong Kongers, Pirata Group’s latest concept is a celebration of nostalgia, creativity and global influence

It’s all about good food, good service and value for money. Madame Ching is here to bring you a different dining experience, from the fierce pirate seas to our modern days a trip of flavours and a unique dining journey in Star Street.

This is the chef : Son.
These local style pieces remind us the good old days of Hong Kong, this is how the past shapes the present. Just like our ancestors brought us today many wonderful dishes, to try some of Chef Son’s creations head over to N.5 Star Street.

Madame Ching features warm lighting and vintage touches. The traditional Chinese roast drum oven takes centre stage in the kitchen for a glimpse of the action. A travelogue of old style photographs and trinkets from local markets recreates a feel of old Hong Kong. Join us onboard our ship for a voyage of Chinese provenance, with a modern take of global influence.

Madame Ching steers a new wave of modern Chinese in a casual, social setting. Our space of retro touches and vintage designs that are reminiscent of old Hong Kong

A trinity of flavours has just set anchor on Star Street – Canto Onigiri stuffed with pork floss, white sesame and five spice is pan fried for crispy outside and chewy rice filling

26th floor, HQueens

5 Star Street, Wanchai

Tel 2577 7227


Madame Ching’s BBQ Roasts are a specialty prepared in the traditional drum oven. “Whether you have been born and raised in Hong Kong, moved here from overseas or just passed through, there are certain dishes that always transport you to Hong Kong. We have crafted a menu that brings out these familiar flavours in new and inventive ways,” says Head Chef Son Pham.

As much a highlight as the food, inventive cocktails are an exploration of Asian aromatics, featuring ingredients like Sichuan peppers, cardamom, ginger and goji berries.


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