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Life is a beach

~> Life is a beach

From now till 31 Oct 2018.

Intercontinental,Cafe M,  talented culinary team has selected varieties of the most sought-after seasonal crabs, namely snow crab, blue flower crab, brown crab, soft shell crab, three-spotted crab, green crab and more, transforming Café on M into a crab lover paradise nightly with different combination of crab delicacies serving on a rotational basis. (Lunch between 368$ to 448$ and Dinner 618 to 678$ + 10% service Charge)

With over twenty years of experience as a chef, Ta-ke Japanese Head Chef Hara Eisaku is especially attached to tempura. Previously worked at two Michelin-starred tempura restaurant Tentenpura Uchitsu in Tokyo, Chef Eisaku says that ‘the best flavours of each piece of tempura only lasts for around 30 seconds. Only if it is eaten immediately after it leaves the frying bowl can one enjoy the essence’.

A string of irresistible crab specialties ranging from appetizer, hot dishes to desserts are unlimitedly served. Crabs on ice, steamed green crab (known as Yan Chai crab in Chinese) with glutinous rice, steamed egg white with crab meat and Hua Diao wine is perfect for guests to experience the natural freshness of crabs.  Singapore-styled chilli crab, sautéed crab with Thai yellow curry and baked stuffed Hokkaido crab shell showcase the unique flavours of crabs with the use of different herbs and seasoning of different places.  Other highlights include mouth-watering hairy crab meat with crispy rice cracker and innovative crab waffle with crab flavoured ice cream to satisfy guests’ taste buds.

Dont Be Crabby, look that

Take part in the seafood weight guesstimation contest from now till 28 October, from 7pm to 8pm nightly at the restaurant. Grab assorted seafood from seafood counter and put on the scale. The closest weight to 388g every night wins a bottle of house red wine home. In addition, the first guest who achieves the closest weight to 388g each week wins the grand prize, i.e. one-month complimentary weekday lunch buffet for one person* at Café on M (applicable to Mondays and Fridays).


Cafe on M
70 Mody Rd
Tsim Sha Tsui East

Phone: 2731 2860

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