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Lee Lo Mei, Cantonese fusion

~> Lee Lo Mei, Cantonese fusion

We all regret la Piola and his open drinking hole on Lyndhurst Terrace. Lee Lo Mei is the new restaurant and bar takes over the ground floor and first floor of the building

Large open bar on the street on ground floor and upstairs, the walls show drawing of Hong Kong wet market.

Hong Kong is truly a city like no other, thriving on modernity while abounding in tradition. LEE Lo Mei’s concept pays homage to this unique Hong Kong culture, serving up reinvented Hong Kong-style street food by combining innovative techniques with unmistakably nostalgic flavors.

Cantonese Fusion

Don t expect only traditional hong kong food, but fusion cantoneses food designed for sharing: Roasted lobster tails, sweet and sour chicken…


8 Lyndhurst Terrace


Tel 2896 7688

The “Full of Rice” chicken presented in a lotus leaf covered with salt inside a clay pot, is the definitively their signature dishes.

The lunch menu is simple as we like with a choice of Crab, Fish, chicken or Prawn set !

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