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Hot Pot 616

~> Hot Pot 616

The popularity of the Hot Pot 616 is visible.

All around you, souvenir from Hong Kong childhood memories from old gummy brand to comics.
A game machine at the entrance welcome you into a Proust journey back to our old Hong Kong. A friend of mine remind me that we were using this gummy packaging as a masquerade mask.

Hot Pot 616 is welcoming and very enjoyable. As soon as we sat down, the waiter sent the watermelon slices.

The owner took the initiative to introduce the fresh beef of the day and we start ordering all traditional ingredient for a perfect hot pot night with friends.

Although the hot pot restaurant only operated for 2 years (they themselves advertised as a start in August 2016), the overall quality is definitely better than a lot of so-called old brands.

The staff patiently explained us the different parts of the beef. You will be definitively suprised when you will receive the bill as the price are really reasonnable.

Samtoh Building
384-386 Queen’s Road West
Western District
Tel 90349794

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