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Fukuro, an izakaya in soho

After months of rumours,  Black Sheep Restaurants has announced its newest project: Fukuro, an izakaya opening in soho in May. An izakaya (居酒屋) (Japanese: [izakaja]) is a type of informal Japanese pub.

~> Fukuro, an izakaya in soho

Fukuro, an izakaya opening in soho in May

They are casual places for after-work drinking. They have been compared to Irish pubs, tapas bars and early American saloons and taverns.

Chef Shun Sato who has worked in Tsukiji Market (Tokyo), BlancHaru & Yoshii (Sydney) and more recently in Belon and Ho Lee Fook (Hong Kong) will lead the cuisine of Fukuro.

Chef Shun Sato has announced us that his Signature dishes selection will definitively respect the Izakaya food tradition including seasonal sashimi platter, grilled octopus on potato confit or wagyu sukiyaki.

This new japanses pub, a block away in PMQ in the middle of Soho will definitively be a nice spot for Hong Kong night place.

1-5 Elgin St SoHo,


2333 8841

Fukuro will be opened early May and no picture are allowed so far, as the soft opening is for employees only.

From our food community, the place will be warm with the surrounding of wood in the pure tradition of an izakaya from Ginza , the selection of meat will be fantastic especially the beef Tartare. Fukuro’s menu should contain some signature dessert including a soft and crispy delicacy with sea weed flavor.

Black Sheep Restaurants curates distinct dining experiences that tell a story about a particular time, place, culture or cuisine while celebrating the bounty of premium ingredients available both locally and from abroad. The group currently boasts a portfolio of 16 restaurants and one bar, Ho Lee Fook, BELON, Buenos Aires Polo Club, Carbone, New Punjab Club, Osteria Marzia, Le Garçon Saigon, Maison Libanaise, Chôm Chôm, Soul Food, Motorino (SoHo and Wan Chai), Le Petit Saigon, Burger Circus, Stazione Novella, La Vache! (SoHo and TST).

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