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Fratelli, Artisan Pasta Bar

~> Fratelli, Artisan Pasta Bar

Fresh pasta, a twist of fresh Limoncello, friends … what else do we need ? You share my feeling ? So just swing by Fratelli. Fratelli is an Artisan Pasta Bar, which embraces its seaside setting through its quaint charm, simple cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere

Fratelli is located at the pulse, so you can enjoy and Italian lunch with a lovely day by the beach.

They serve one of my favorite Milanese’s food, the soft veal with tuna sauce, even if the fusion of fish and meat could be strange at the first sight, it s really a plate you should try.

28 Beach Road

Repulse Bay

We have tried the italien pasta, Texture was right on spot. The Pappardelle was thin and silky smooth, the Bucatini was al dente and chewy. Trattoria favorites include a selection of fresh salads, antipasti, spaghetti bolognese, rustic rigatoni, and grilled meats and seafood.



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