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Frank’s Library, the secret cocktail den Hidden within Foxglove

~> Frank’s Library has launched a new cocktail menu

Frank’s Library secret Entrance

Hidden within the depths of Foxglove is a secret drinking den brought to life by English globetrotter and mastermind Frank Minza.


An ode to Frank’s adventures around the world, Frank’s Library has launched a new cocktail menu by Group Beverage Manager Gerry Olino that highlights fresh ingredients and premium spirits with a distinctly Asian touch.

Frank also shares two new potent barrel- aged cocktails, available in both single & sharing servings.

Frank Minza’s travels across the globe led to a lifelong appreciation of exotic spirits. In the post-war period, complex, fruity cocktails captured the cultural zeitgeist.

New drinks from his collection of “Travel Diary Cocktails” include the French Confectionary (HK$140), a smooth and sweet libation of marshmallow-infused gin, cacao white liqueur, mint liqueur, orange bitters and champagne and Taken by the Dutch (HK$160) made with Batavia- infused pandan, yellow chartreuse, Luxardo maraschino liqueur, sous vide purple yam juice, lemon juice, sugar syrup and angostura bitters.

Taken by the Dutch

Bird of Paradise

Moving into the lush tropical paradise of Southeast Asia, Frank revives memories of his travels with new cocktails such as Cha Long Tide (HK$140), created with aromatic Thai herbs such as mint, basil, lemongrass and pineapple and local Thai Cha Long Bay rum, all served in a Tiki mug.

Royal Ceylon (HK$140) is a comforting tea cocktail inspired by the island nation of Sri Lanka, infused with Monkey Shoulder whisky, amaretto, lime juice, sous vide fresh coconut water, cinnamon, Pu Erh tea and angostura bitters.

Bird of Paradise (HK$140) mimics a beautiful scene from nature in both taste and aesthetic, using fresh kaffir lime leaves, blood orange puree, yuzu and elderflower, and served in a bird glass with a garnish of cotton candy on the straw.


8 Ice House Street / 6 Duddell Street


Hong Kong.

Tel +852 2116-8949

Some of Frank’s favourite barrel-aged concoctions include Bijou (HK$150), a cocktail originally invented by the father of bartending Harry Johnson, who called it ‘bijou’ because it combined the colours of three jewels: Gin for diamond, Vermouth for ruby and Chartreuse for emerald.

The Boulevardier (HK$150) is a variation of the classic Negroni using Buffalo Trace Bourbon instead of gin, and the drink has appeared in the iconic Paris Magazine between 1927 and 1932. Both the Bijou and Boulevardier are ripe with a smoky flavour, having been aged in a bourbon cask for over four weeks.

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