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Fox Gloves – newest cocktail menu

~> Golden Age of Prohibition

FoxGlove goes Back in time, remembering the Golden Age of the Prohibition with innovative Cocktails.

Foxglove unveils a new cocktail menu that reveals bold new flavours, innovative techniques and thrilling stories behind each libation inspired by the worldly adventures of its mastermind, Frank Minza.

The new cocktail menu has 4 sections include the “Golden Age of Cocktails”, a “Homage to Prohibition”, “A Taste of the Exotic” and “Foxglove Signature Cocktails”.

Home to the effortlessly stylish, unshakably polite and dangerously charismatic, Foxglove exudes charm and an edgy cool that is both Old World and entirely current. With a sultry and sophisticated jazz lounge concealed behind an English umbrella shop, only those in the know have the privilege of visiting this one-of-a-kind hidden gem by Ming Fat House.

Inspired by the Shelby clan from Birmingham in 1890’s-1919, The Peaky Blinders Old Fashioned, a cocktail that lets guests reminisce a livelier time with a taste of Wyoming Whisky with a twist of coconut oil fat-wash, sugar and angostura bitters.

Hidden Agenda

The Bootlegger is an eclectic fusion of Old Forester 86 Proof Bourbon, cream, crème de cacao, sherry, egg and grated nutmeg. Inspired by the New York bar during prohibition called ‘Sherry’, there was once a bartender who made bootlegged Old Forester 86 Proof and sherry behind the bar.



18 Ice House St. / 6 Duddell St.


Tel +852 2116-8949

Chet Baker

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