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Flying Elk by Björn Frantzén

The Flying Elk opens the door to a unique contemporary dining experience by Björn Frantzén. In a setting best described as a modern Nordic Cabin, they will serve genuine food with influences from all over Europe.

~> Flying Elk by Björn Frantzén

The Flying Elk will open is door in Hong Kong on June 16.

Whether Nordic produce, Nordic flavoring or Nordic cooking techniques, the promise is to taste the heritage of Swedish 3-Michelin star awarded chef Björn Frantzén throughout the gastronomy.

Frantzén’s Kitchen

Flying Elk will be the new concept of  Björn Frantzén after Frantzen’s Kitchen. Waiting mid june to discover Flying Elk, let s review again the Frantzen’s Kitchen.

Booked up for weeks in advance, the restaurant is small, intimate, a perfect combination of casual and sophisticated. Helmed by Swedish chef Jim Löfdahl, he represents the young generation of successful chefs who are completely dedicated to their calling.

Bjorn remembers how he at age 12 once was served a perfect steak, with french fries and béarnaise sauce – one of his very first strong culinary memories that came to inspire him in his career.
Frantzén’s Kitchen is a modern Nordic restaurant serving medium-sized dishes with Asian influences, all set in a casual and relaxed environment. You can choose to sit at the kitchen counter for the full experience or at a table in the dining room.

The Flying Elk


32 Wyndham Street

Central, Hong Kong

They offer à la carte menu with small and medium-sized dishes, A dining experience flavored by the Nordics. One of Norway’s best kept secrets is their cod, called Skrei found in the Barents Sea. They serve their Skrei with beurre blanc flavoured with Goat’s cheese, rosemary, spinach, trout roe, pickled turnip & seaweed oil.⠀

The Chef want to creat new dishes with traditional Swedish combinations like salmon and dill. Depending the season, the menu they have Norweigan Salmon with poached king crab, dill, Ikura Salmon roe, cress, avocado, horseradish & sour cucumber. ⠀

However, this classic is still on there: the pan-seared scallop from Sea of Japan, chicken mousseline, sabayone & “Nordic” dashi.

The menu offer some sophisticated dishes as the ”FRENCH TOAST” with truffles, 100-year old balsamico vinegar & King crab from Norway,  HALIBUT CABBAGE VELOUTÉ, North Chinese Caviar & Alba truffle..


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