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Le Comptoir’s 2 Michelin-Starred restaurant, ÉCRITURE partners with Royal Caviar Club (RCC) to launch an exclusive 5-course caviar menu available from now until mid-June 2019. For the special menu, Executive Chef and RCC Ambassador Maxime Gilbert has developed five innovative dishes that showcase the delicate flavours of caviar in unexpected and exciting new ways.

New 5-Course Caviar Menu by Chef Maxime Gilbert

Priced at HK$2,888+10% per guest, the limited edition caviar menu is available from now until mid-June only. The  menu begins with Caviar and Uni Tart, an iconic pairing of creamy Hokkaido sea urchin and Cristal caviar, with celeriac whipped cream on a crispy buckwheat tart shell, finished with a light beurre blanc sauce. Decadent as it is delightful, one small tart can be shared between two guests or one large tart among four. Kabu, a Japanese turnip variety with a spicy kick, is cooked within salt dough before serving with kabu purée, Ossetra caviar, lime, kabu foam and almond oil. One of the most sought-after caviar types in the world, the uniquely sweet Imperial Ossetra Caviar appears golden-yellow in colour, with glossy medium-sized grains that gently pop in the mouth.

For the third course, an incredible Blue Lobster from Brittany, France is slightly cooked, and served with mushroom duxelle, slices of kohlrabi and shellfish sauce. The lobster is garnished with salmon roe curded in a dashi, French pork sausage and Japanese chives. On the side, the lobster’s claws will be served swimming in a broth of kohlrabi soup with Baerii rare caviar. Baerii caviar, produced from the roe of mature Baerii sturgeon, is known for its buttery rich flavour and strong after-taste, pairing well with the subtle sweetness of the lobster.

The Japanese Wagyu course follows, showcasing a melting barbecued A5 wagyu striploin taken from the tender longissimus muscle of a cow, from Miyazaki, Japan. The wagyu is served with homemade bread, poached unagi (eel) and a topping of pearly-grey Beluga caviar. The dish is finished with corn and beef sauce, with a complementing drop of coffee on the side. The legendary Beluga caviar is creamy and buttery in flavour, enhancing the earthy flavour of the meat.

The menu ends on a sweet note with Cauliflower Soufflé, a fluffy composition of cauliflower mousse with white chocolate biscuit, steamed Japanese egg yolk, lime mousse, lemon foam and a delicate topping of Golden Cristal Caviar. The large, honey-coloured grains of Golden Cristal Caviar exude a soft, creamy aroma, offering a gentle savoury contrast to the sweet elements of the dish.

About Royal Caviar Club (RCC)

Royal  Caviar Club, a caviar curator and boutique supplier, offers only the highest quality types of sturgeon caviar sourced from environmentally friendly and sustainable farms worldwide. The highly unique products are consistently A-grade, without borax and low in salt. The caviar is harvested from a limited number of premier sturgeon only, which are farmed in large rivers and lakes and experience a living condition similar to that of wild sturgeon.


26/F, H Queen’s

80 Queen’s Road Central

Central, Hong Kong


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