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Draft Land, Asia s first Cocktails on Tap

~>  Draft Land, Cocktail on Tap, just opened in January

Draft Land Hong Kong – The Concept

Taiwanese drink maestro Angus Zou has partnered up with Tastings Group’s very own pioneering bar figure Antonio Lai to unveil Hong Kong’s first “cocktails on tap” bar concept. Draft Land, first opened by Angus Zou in Taipei in 2018 to high acclaim, has soft opened its second outlet in the heart of Hong Kong on Wyndham Street, Central.

Draft Land, a concept by innovative beverage research and development company Drinks Lab, carries out the brand spirit of “to be free” through the offering of everyday, fuss-free cocktails.

Soju Martini (HK$120) is another signature not to miss, incorporating the flavours of soju, sherry and pandan. The drink is smooth and silky with a slight nuttiness from sherry, and a hint of fruit from plum eau de vie.

Draft Land, the Cocktail

The alcoholic and spiritfree cocktails at Draft Land are created with its Draft System. A state-of-the-art piece of equipment developed by Drinks Lab, the distillery system injects nitrogen or carbon dioxide (CO2) into beverages to quickly and efficiently create high-quality, sustainable and affordable specialty cocktails.

Angus Zou and Antonio Lai have together created more than 40 different cocktail flavours to be available on a rotational basis on the 24 taps. Starting at HK$90 per cocktail and HK$70 for spiritfree options, signature flavours include Angus Zou’s Silver Fizz ($90), which is a simple infusion of gin, dill and citrus. Made to imitate the flavours of egg yolk and genever, the bright, refreshing aroma of orange translates in to the palate with a creamy pandan finish.

Draft Land Hong Kong – The Snacks

At Draft Land, guests will be able to enjoy various street food-style snacks, which include vegetarian options.

In keeping with the core values of convenience and sustainability, all snacks are designed for easy consumption and do not require the use of cutlery.

Delicious and fuss-free bites include Parmesan Tornado Fries (HK$60) with the choice of Masala Spice or Seaweed Togarashi flavours, “Veget-a-Bowl” (HK$60) for a vegetarian bowl of okra, Thai eggplant, pickled onion and crispy potato sprinkles, Mini Corn Dogs (HK$70) with smokey sausages, cheese sauce and shaved parmesan, Char-Siu Pork Neck (HK$100) tossed with “typhoon shelter” garlic, chilli and pea shoots, and more.

63 Wyndham Street

Central, HK

Tel: 2711-8809


About Antonio Lai, Co-Founder of Draft Land Hong Kong

Antonio Lai is an award-winning international mixologist, from 2012, Lai started his own bar business in Hong Kong with the opening of Quinary in 2012, Origin in 2013, The Envoy in 2014, VEA Lounge in 2015 and Room 309 in 2018.

About Angus Zou, Founder of Draft Land

Taiwanese award-winning drink maestro, Angus Zou opened Asia’s first Cocktails on Tap specialist, Draft Land, in a tranquil stretch of Taipei’s Da’an District in early 2018.

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