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Chua Lam’s Pho

~> The Art of the Beef Pho

Chua Lam’s pho, is a temple dedicated to the master cooking of the Vietnamese Beef Pho

“Those who like to eat in the world will eventually fall in love with a bowl of Vietnamese beef.” Introduce us the owner.

The first store is located in the popular Wellington Street in Central, just opposite the “Yong Kee”. Space designed by the famous Japanese designer JO NAGASAKA

As the owner, like to remind us, the Vietnamese people abroad cherish this unique taste of preservation of tradition, which is their memory, perfect ratio of beef and beef bones to spices

The soup is prepared in a big bowl with more than 50 kg of meat, bones and spices, cooked in line with the tradition, the spices and the herbs added to the soup, are directly imported from the country of origin, ensuring quality and raw food.

A specific workshop have been opened in Shenzhen dedicated to the training of the ancestral tradition of the the Beef Pho.

Vietnamese Fried Spring Rolls


15–25 Wellington Street


Tel 2325 9117

Delicate beef Pho

Lemongrass pork chop

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