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Chifa, new creation

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Chifa brings the flavours of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine together to create intriguing dumplings and distinctive dishes that offer a new dimension to Hong Kong’s food scene.

Chifa, the dumpling house, presents her new creation.

To ring in the summer months, Chifa has introduced delicately hand-crafted new creations.

beetroot-infused Violet Xiao Long Bao (HKD70), filled with pork tenderloin and vegetable stock on a bed of roasted vegetable cream

Chifa Pouch Dumpling (HKD70) features stir-fried prawn and beef tenderloin and a coriander sauce with smoky aji panca chili

Pollo Verde (HKD75) with a chive dumpling skin garnished with masago

An inventive spin on the traditional chifa dish, beef tenderloin, onion, tomato, and potatoes come together in the Lomo Saltado Dumpling (HKD75), topped with crunchy sweet potato, deep-fried shallots and a kick of Peruvian chili.


26 Peel Street


Tel  +852 2311 1815

Lunch in Lima

Discover the heart and soul of Lima during lunch break with two set menus. Guests on the go can select the Express (HKD128), with a choice of one dumpling dish and a rice or noodle dish, while those who enjoy a leisurely lunch can tuck into the Chifa (HKD168) menu, which adds wonton soup and dessert or espresso to bookend the meal.


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