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Chaiwala – Food Review

Eat my words

by Snobby Munchie

~>  Chaiwala is one of the newest Indian restaurant in town.

We were walking up and down the busy Wyndham Street, but couldn’t find the sign of the restaurant. Instead, we saw a small little red door with a sign “Hugger Mugger”, so we tried our luck and pushed in.

After walking down a short flight of staircase, we entered a super busy British style bar packed with lots of people wearing suits. We instantly knew we have chosen the right place. The staffs were very friendly and greeted us with a big smile, and the lively vibe of the bar and restaurant gave me an instant adrenaline.

Chaiwala is tucked behind this bar. We were amazed with the size of the restaurant. The restaurant is spilt into 3 rooms, which each room has its own characteristic: a casual dining place with high tables, then it’s the open kitchen area with bar table where you can admire the chef’s cooking skills, then finally the dining room area where we were seated down for a proper meal.


The menu is spilt into six sections, with dishes from Northern to Southern India. Apparently the team went to India and tried different dishes from those towns, and then decided what to bring back for this restaurant.

This is what we had for our meal:

Pani Puri with jal-jeera – crispy puffs filled with chickpeas and potatoes, filled with traditional cumin water and you have to eat it in one go.

Kebab on a cripsy base

Garlic Nan and Truffle Nan – I prefer the traditional style


With such a busy bar, I had quite high expectation for their cocktails, and I didn’t get disappointed.

1) The magic lamp

2) Electronic – must try

3) Wala Spritz

I love the humour of this restaurant, luckily I didn’t use this door during my dinner!

Basement, 43-55 Wyndham Street

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2362 8988

About Snobby Munchie

Hong Kong born, Snobby Munchie is a food traveler. Finest taste in Chinese and Japanese food, She has a specific eyes on details and flavour.

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