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~> A buzzy neighbourhood Thai

Open in 2014 in the heard of Sheung Wan, Chachawan was on the top of the list of all foodies in town. Our Insider like when an amazing gem is less on the spot light so this week Chachawan is in its selection of Hong Kong food scene.

Chachawan open from a collaboration between restaurateur Yenn Wong and Nahm, CHACHAWAN brings Issan cuisine, from the North-Eastern region of Thailand, to Hong Kong.

Isan food have few predominant flavors as chili peppers, lime, peanuts, dried shrimp, fresh fruits and vegetables, sticky rice, cilantro, mint and other fresh herbs.

Though flavor layers are very complex, food preparation is often quite simple, and instead of curries that have simmered for hours, Isan Cuisine is fresh with savory salads.

With a  East-meets-West style interior, a great soundtrack, warm and friendly service, street food style, this is a great place for a quality dining experience. The walls are plastered with vintage Chinese posters, pure old asia tradition style. The lighting is intimist and the service enjoyable.

Chicken thigh marinated for 24 hours with garlic, pepper & coriande

Smokey grilled eggplant salad with soft-boiled egg & prawn floss.

Fresh banana blossom salad

‘Som Tong’ a traditional Thai dessert – made from egg yolks, pandan leaf and golden threads jelly with coconut jelly.

206 Hollywood Rd

Sheung Wan

Tel 2549 0020

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