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Eat. Sleep. Pita. Repeat

~>  Nomadic wanderings of the Bedouin tribes

Taking inspiration from the nomadic wanderings of the Bedouin tribes, BEDU’s menu incorporates flavours from the desserts of North Africa to the Middle East. Creating his own take on the cuisine, Chef Corey replaces the complex spices associated with the region, with bold yet simple flavours, which he combines with smoky notes from the grill.

The restaurant has actually recently launched a new lunch menu inspired by the street food found in the Middle East, serving plentiful pittas with five flavoursome fillings in a combo set including a refreshing drink and sweet treat.

Inspired by the street food culture in Middle East, BEDU opens for lunch the “Eat. Sleep. Pita. Repeat” Menu. This no – cutlery – needed pitas with five flavorsome filling, homemade cakes and choice of refreshing drinks.
Chef Corsey uses the freshest local produce and Miffle Eatern cooking techniques to serve up a plentiful mix of delicious pitas. Tase the spices of Africa in the Golden Spiced Chicken with cumin, coriander, turmeric and ginger, served in two pitas halves with shout labneh and friend almonds. Vegetarian and vegan fillings include Falfel, tahini, hummus and pickles and Harrissa Chickpeas , with pistachio dressing and cucumber salad.

The crispy salmon

The ‘Eat. Sleep. Pita. Repeat.” menu is available at the Cosy Gough Street restaurant from 12 to 3pm, Tuesday to Sunday. Guest can combine three elements, a choice of homemade pita or salad, with a sweet treat and additional refreshment from 130HKd.

40 Gough Street
Hong Kong

tel 2320 4450


Dine in Bedu’s relaxing restaurant space featuring a welcoming bar and semi-open kitchen.

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