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~> Bakehouse, your local artisan bakery

For the European who miss their fresh and cripsy bread we have a spot : Bakehouse, traditional Bakery in Hong Kong. The past few years have been a renaissance for traditional bread and pastry inHong Kong. Not only are more shops serving better croissants, but ambitious upstarts like Grégoire Michaud, Bistronomique or Eric Kayser have injected some much needed excitement into a pastry category that at times feels staid and dull.

This is great news for all kinds of pastry fans—all this competition has boosted both quality and creativity.

of passionate and highly skilled bakers and pastry chefs led by Grégoire.


Bakehouse is the first establishment of Chef Grégoire Michaud, the former executive pastry chef at Four Seasons Hong Kong.  They craft artisanal baked goods in house, for you. their selection of products is ever-changing, in harmony with Chef Grégoire Michaud’s inspiration and seasonal products’ availability.

All their baked goods are handmade every day with fine flour from the traditional Suire Mill in France and the best premium and seasonal ingredients, by a team of passionate and highly skilled bakers and pastry chefs led by Grégoire.

Craving for their sourdough bread

We made our first visit to bakehouse last sunday and I can say that it will definitively part of my Sunday Morning routine. I was missing so much the fresh crispy bread with a layer of butter of jam that I can travel miles for it !

Bakehouse open his doors inWanchai and offer delicate artisanal bread, croissant, elaborated pastries and much more. Their aim is to create naturally leavened sourdough breads, Danish and fine pastries using time-honoured artisanal traditions and methods. Almost everything is good here, from bread or viennoiserie to more elaborate pastries. The bread is very well baked with distinctive deep dark brown color and an exterior crumb that crunches.


According to Gregoire Michaud “When it comes to breads, there is no substitute for time and patience. From mixing the dough to baking in our Italian stone-deck oven, it takes 48 hours to craft each one of our loaves. Their long, slow fermentation process and a high hydration level give our bread its distinctive flavour and bold character.” That s probably their key trick of their magic bread.

Bakehouse is located on Tai Wong Street East, we arrived at 9.50am, the outside queue was already formed. Definitively it worst to wait either to take away your precious breakfast or enjoying the selection of food in their inside restaurant.

Bakehouse features a seating area with waitstaff, happy to take your food and coffee orders and bring everything directly to your table. The space, with covers two floors, is bright, airy and welcoming. Freshly baked baguettes, brioche, sourdough loaves, croissants, pain au chocolat and more, is welcoming you at the comptoir.

On the Menu: Breads, pastries, cookies and other freshly baked goods are what you come for — think croissants (filled and plain), danishes, baguettes and much more : croissant with ham and cheese that was superb, Pain au chocolat, the sweet and delicious Cinnamon Bun with orange zest glaze…

There are also set menus that come with fancy garnished sandwiches using the likes of bread rolls, foccacia as base. A simple selection of coffees and teas makes up the bulk of the drinks menu.

The coffee is served with a cup of hot water, which is good for reducing the natural bitterness of the espresso, can make it easier to enjoy alongside the savoury pastries like the lovely ham and cheese croissant.

I definitively recommend the avocado, cheddar and bacon pretzel, as I read before this is one of their signature dish. Tastefull combination of a soft, perfect pretzel with flakes of sea salt, melted cheddar cheese, smashed avocado and a thick cut of bacon.


14 Tai Wong St E

Wan Chai

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