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A Happy Pancake

~> A Happy Pancake, a Recipe of Happiness

After setting foot in Osaka in 2014, popular pancake shop 幸せのパンケーキA Happy Pancake was a huge success and soon opened in Tokyo Omotesando in July 2015. Food lovers and media from all of Japan have been flocking to the shop and it is almost impossible to get your hands on a pancake without queuing.

A Happy Pancake has always been a hot topic amongst social media platforms, and it also appears on numerous search engines via various gourmet and travel websites.

In 2016, it reached the top of the Yahoo! Japan Search Awards in dessert section. With 24 new branches opened in Japan within the past 4 years, A Happy Pancake continues to expand and opens its first ever overseas shop in tourist hotspot Lee Garden Three on 28 September 2018

The Secret of the Happiest Pancake in the World

All pancakes are “Baked-to-order” in order to ensure that every pancake presented is perfect. From mixing the batter to decorating the dish with colourful toppings, the whole process takes around 20 minutes. A Happy Pancake refuses to use any baking powder; instead it follows a secret unique recipe to make pancakes softer and fluffier than usual. First, the batter will be mixed only when an order is placed so that an abundant amount of fresh air will still be trapped inside. Second, the baking temperature must be precise – pancake cannot rise at high temperature and cannot be cooked thoroughly at low heat. Therefore, the temperature needs to be maintained constantly at an optimum level.

Organic Matcha and Ogura Butter Pancake

Pancake with Banana & Chocolate Sauce. Bittersweet dark chocolate, banana and whipped cream complement the pancakes to create the classic flavour.

Pancake with Milk Tea Sauce & Homemade Granola. Tea leaves and other ingredients are boiled down to a mellow milk tea sauce. Sprinkle their homemade granola with dried fruits and spices on the top to create aromatic and flavourful pancakes.

Pancake with Mushroom Cheese Omelet

Pancake with Salmon, Avocado & Cheese Mousse

Shop 203-205

2/F, Lee Garden Three

1 Sunning Road

Causeway Bay

Tel : +852 2338 4315

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