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秀殿 Hidden

~> Hidden Kushiage night

Hidden, is a definitively and Hidden Gem if you fancy a drinking den that serves kushiage.

I believe it is the best kushiage restaurant in town with over hundred different kinds of shochu.

The chef is talented to prepare small dishes which is good to pair with the drinks, while you are waiting for the kushiage.

Kushiage, also known as Kushikatsu, is essentially deep fried food on a stick—or more specifically, battered meat and veggies. It can be found all over Japan but is most famous in the Shin-Sekai neighborhood of Osaka, where it is called kushikatsu.

Unlike yakitori, it’s not restricted to chicken meat. It also includes other types of meat, seafood and vegetables.

The place has a traditional Japanese decor, 12 seats surrounding the bar, Hidden is a very Cosy and cool place to chill. They served lots of premium sake and each of the dishes go very well with the sake and more than 10 kind of Plum wine

Eggplant and cheese sausage

Shirako, means “white children, a kind of male fish Caviar, I may say.

Probably their signature dish, scallop served with tartar sauce and fresh salmon roes

Room D, 3/F
Prosperous Commercial Building
54 Jardine’s Bazaar
Causeway Bay
Tel 2504 1511

Traditional Japanese Kushiage

Perfectly pairing with a sake.

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