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0531-83312222 info@baihuijn.cn

     BHKS Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., a Sino-German joint venture, is the leading development and series production partner for exhaust brake and hot-side EGR-valve systems for commercial and heavy-duty engine applications in China. Its predecessor Jinan Baihui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Ma Wendong in 2001. Through out 16 years of development, it has been devoted to the smooth planning, development and manufacturing of high-performances throttle valve and exhaust flap systems.

Founding of Jinan Baihui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. by Mr. Ma Wendongregistered with half million RMB at Luhong Avenue No. 4, Mingshui Economic Development Zone. Conditions were tough, production of auto parts is performed in renting workshops.

Under the leadership of Mr. Ma Wendong, together with hard work of all employees, the company had a rapid development in 2004, sales revenue increasing from 300,000RMB in 2001 to 11.9milllion RMB in 2004, which set a solid foundation for future development.

Seeing the potentially huge opportunity of heavy duty vehicle industry, the company set heavy duty vehicle exhaust after-treatment system as its main product series. Company name was changed to Jinan Baihui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd., and a new plant was built covering 30,000㎡. Got the certificate of ISO9001:2000.

With the increasing of orders, another 7,000㎡ of area was added.

New production facility: workshop 1#, welding workshop, comprehensive office building, employee canteen, warehouse, workshop 2# and technical center were finished construction and came into use. Registered capital was increased from 50,000RMB to 3million RMB. Various kinds of management regulations were introduced.

The company successfully got the national patent of “Butterfly Valve for Automobile Engine Exhaust Auxiliary Brake System” and the proprietary intellectual property rights, further enhancing the core competitiveness of the company. Since then, the product category is more verified, not only including exhaust pipes and butterfly valve and EGR valve assembly.

Got the certificate of ISO/TS16949. Quality control is more standardized.

For the first time, the company’s sales revenue reached 100million RMB.

After several times of capital increase, registered capital reached 26million RMB by 2010.

At the 10th anniversary of company establishment, the company has formed systematic operation mode of R&D, manufacturing and sales, taking the largest percentage of exhaust brake flap in China.

Passed the audit of Japan VOLVO, OSHKOSH, DAIMLER, NAVISTAR AND, entering their potential supplier system.

Started the communication with European leading manufacturer of exhaust brake flap and hot-end EGR valve, Klubert + Schmidt GmbH.

Jinan Baihui Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. and Klubert + Schmidt GmbH signed the final contract and established the Sino-German joint venture, each holding 51% and 49% of shares. The new company name is BHKS Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

Till Sept. 2016, the official procedure of the joint venture was finished, getting a new license from the government.

The first year after JV is established is set as a quality year, focusing on quality control and improvement. The new G.M. Dr. Volker Schmidt brings a lot of new idea to the company, e.g. a new name, new logo, new management system, and advanced quality control system, ensuring a better and prosperous future.

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